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Nothing ?
Just hooked up an older Philips 50PF9630A. Can't find a way to get a visual indicator of the volume. Something broken or am I missing something obvious ? Volume works fine, just no on screen indicator. Suggestions ?
Quality is fine on CableVison NJ. The main camera angle is chopping off a good amount of "bottom screen" ice you would normally see in a inside broadcast game. That, and the fans so far away, kinda kills it for me. The whole thing has sort of an exhibition feel to it.
Thanks for the info and advice. Now where would you recommend buying a lamp ?
I'm considering swapping out the lamp on our KDF50WE655 (November 2004 build date). The picture is not as bright anymore (although still watchable) LampTM = 7268 LampCT = 3922 What is the recommended hours replacement ? What is LampTM and LampCT ? Is it worth cleaning the dust off the existing bulb ? Thanks in advance.
DC was a forgettable movie for me. Not very good IMO and I certainly would not want to own it. I did not read the book and it seemed to me that the movie assummed you did. National Treasure came to mind through out.
That movie was God awful, I mean c'mon, it don't get much worse.
Quote: Originally Posted by inky blacks Why would anyone want to see a 50 year old woman take off her clothes? :eek: IB I can think of a few reasons...... oh yeah and I turn 50 in a week.. :D
Cool, I now have 730 INHD2 on Cablevision out of Oakland NJ. I watched an hour of Beavers building dams, lol......................... hopefully the content will be worth while.
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