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What is the best way to watch Directv and listen to music from a Home Theater PC. Connections: Directv = HDMI HTPC = HDMI Do I need more cables, settings, etc?
I have a Denon AVR-4310ci Home Theater Receiver which is connected to my HTPC through and HDMI cable. I have no trouble getting files to play Dolby Digital & DTS Surround. Receiver recognizes the signal, plays the signal and the receiver displays that it is using the signal. Recently, I download MakeMKV. I was going to attempt to rip my Blu Ray movies to my hard drive and I wanted to preserve the Dolby True HD Audio. When I did this, first of all I Windows Media...
So do you have to use the network or can you just tell the PVR device to start recording what is on the Directv box at the time and then stop it when you are done?
Without the code, is there a way to just tell the device to start recording? I thought you could do this through Windows Media Center?
Can you go into more detail on the web service that changes the channels? What is this used for? Remote recording? Also, do you need software to add to this? How is it connected? Do you connect this between your display source and your directv box? I go through a Denon receiver so it would actually be between my directv box and the Denon Receiver. The Denon HDMI out goes to the television.
Does anybody have any ideas on recording live TV? I have Directv which it seems from what I have read and investigated that I can't record from Directv. I do have an Over-the-air antenna which I could use to record Super Bowls and other sporting events on my HTPC. Does anybody have any suggestions on what type of card to buy or whether you can successfully record HD from Directv?
He has to manually go into the sound properties in the HTPC and switch to speakers instead of the HDMI selection (AV-Amp). Does anyone know how to have the computer sound in the control panel automatically switch between the two?
I believe the problem is that he has both HDMI and Analog signals hooked up to the multizone receiver but he simply can't get the computer to automatically switch to the analog output when he turns on the zone 2 on his receiver to send analog to his other receiver.
What about BIOS settings? Maybe there is an automatic setting in the BIOS to tell the HTPC that you want to automatically detect the audio and if there is an analog signal to default to this?
I agree. If it would just automatically switch between between the "Denon-AV-AMP" (HDMI connection) and the "Speakers" (analog connection) when my "Zone 2" signal is activated that would be perfect. I have a friend running Windows 7 Pro and his automatically switches. I am running Windows 7 Home. Does this make a difference?
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