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Tim, I am using cheap wall mounts I bought from WalMart. They have been in place for over a year with no problems. Dennis
Kipp is dead on--you MUST hear the difference for yourself. It is amazing. If others have done the upgrade (on any model) I hope you will post your impressions. Dennis
It has been a couple of weeks since I upgraded my PB12-Plus/2 speakers from the dB-12.2 to the new 12.3 SVS made subwoofers. I did the change out in about 30 minutes without any help. It was fairly easy to do, but, the speakers are quite heavy. The instructions were great and dead on. I didn't change anything else in the bass path, I even placed the sub in exactly the same spot as it was. (front left corner). With the intro to Star Wars II and the first few scenes...
jswanner, I have had the 7.1 setup for almost a year now and I can assure you that dialog is the best I have had in my HT room. The clarity is noticeable when I listen to other setups with different speakers. There is no sibilance or harshness at the levels I listen to. I can't wait to see (hear) how they are going to improve on these speakers with their next level of speakers. PM me if you want more info. And, yes, they accept banana plugs. Dennis
I run my SVS's with the Yammie HTR-5990 and it sounds great! I think the speakers will do well with any good receiver. I also think that sound treatment on my walls has improved the sound the most noticeably. Dennis
My SVS is so pitch sensitive that I am now hearing different distinct pitches of low bass effects that I was unaware of before the new drivers were installed. It is a gas to hear organ recordings as well as movies. I think that any of the new SVS's will satisfy your tone cravings. Dennis
How much bass quantity and quality you want is directly related to your budget. I have had many subs in the past and now own the SVS PB12-Plus/2 with the new 12.3 SVS made drivers. I couldn't be more happy. The bass is extremely tight with a punch that is just gut wrenching! I have owned 2 other SVS's: the PB10 that comes with the SB-01 5.1 speaker system and the 16-46PCi. Since I have owned several other subs, (Paradigm Servo-15 v1, Atlantic tech, Sony, etc) I am now sold...
Options 1 & 2 sound good to me. Go for it. Have fun. Dennis
opps, senior moment! Dennis
Just make sure you remove the shorting strips from the speaker terminals or be prepared to get a new amp! Dennis
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