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Where are you located?
Yes I found a place, but the guy told me komatex is the same thing as sintra. Should I go ahead with komatex? Will it work like sintra u recommended and can still use water-based power grab for it?
MississippiMan, do you know any places that stock and can trim the sintra boards you recommended in 5x10?
I've tried contacting panamorph a few times, but I'd only get one reply and never a follow-up after that. So pretty much given up on them.
Thanks, will probably just have the source cut it to the exact size I need (51"x10') as I don't have a power saw. Not even going to add a frame to it, so this should be a easy diy job.
Thanks, so you think just something as small as 2 blocks on each of the horizontal end can support the curvature of the screen? What kind of adhesive works best on keeping it to the blocks? I don't intend on painting it.
Thanks for pointing me to the right direction. I've used a 4'x10' parkland plastic before when I made my previous diy curved screen, it was too flexible that it would require the entire supporting frame to he curved as well, or I'd end up with bubbles or dips on the projected surface. I looked at the sintra, but it said it's satin finish, is that going to cause hotspots?
Just wondering considering a used UH380 vs a new CineVista will come pretty close to each other, in terms of price. Which would you get? I'll be using this with a Pioneer Elite FPJ1/RS2. I know that the UH380 may have ghosting issues, but am wiling to do the mod to realign the rear element. Athough I've heard of people using the 380 with the RS2/FPJ1 and have never seen any of the retroreflective problems ever.
Interested in selling just the lens alone? Pm me
Ya, tried hdmi 2, and no problem. Thanks.
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