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I have a Niles Audio 7.1 wall plate with binding posts for the speakers and RCA jacks for powered subwoofer. The back on the plate for the subwoofers uses female F-Type connections. So the connections are RCA on room-side and F-Type inside the wall. I'm assuming that the in-wall cabling for the subwoofer needs to be similar to what's used for sat/cable...RG6. Is there anything I should be aware of with using an RG6 cable for a powered subwoofer? Are there any...
Well after much futzing around...it came alive when I kept cycling through the video resolutions...weird.
Came back from vacation and tried to play a couple standard DVDs on my XA1, but nothing displays on the screen other than the message "Audio Format Not Supported" in the lower left-hand corner. The player then continues to play the disc but no video/audio coming out. I'm connected via HDMI and tried several DVDs with no luck. Also unplugged the unit for a minute to see if that would reset the problem...no luck. I've had the 3.0 firmware since end of October with no...
Looks like I'll be waiting for the BD-UP5500 due out this summer. http://www.crunchgear.com/2008/01/06...compatibility/ Suppose to cost $599.
Reading what?...your highly informative posts? "Crap" is what seems to be under debate. While everyone agrees that this player is far from perfect...you seem to be the only one using this word.
Since I purchased this set just for HD content, I would agree that price is the only drawback. All the other cons listed in that previous post don't exist in my experience with the XBR2.
Warm2 gave me the most realistic flesh tones and very good whites and it should become even more accurate once I get it fully calibrated. As for sharpness, I did notice a slight change once I got to 50 but from 25 to about 40...I couldn't discern any changes so I simply left it at 25. Hopefully testing graphics at 1080 resolution will be available for the HD-DVD player so that during calibration...sharpness can be further refined.
I've listed my settings below...personally I'm not a bright-image lover since that sacrifices contrast and I'm totally into the realistic film look. While some would find my settings dark, they're much closer to what I consider ISF values as per my experience with calibrating my older Sony LCD front projector. I have no issues with lack of bright HD sports images either...uniforms and grass all look realistic. Please note that I watch almost no SD content so my...
If service menu controls are available for these features, my guess is that you'd have to have intimate knowledge of Sony's design. The technician who is performing the calibration did note that he prefers to have all of these features "off" when performing the calibration and prefers to acquire the ideal settings without use of them.
It can be vastly improved via the service menu if you know what you're doing otherwise highly risky.
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