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Hi folks, I'm getting new solid doors on my HT and thought I would sound out your ideas regarding finishing the doors. I would love to have my own home theater decals or similar and I might be able to achieve this as my cousin is a signwriter/decal expert. However, do you think this is the right way to go? Too tacky? I will have two 800mm doors so I have to keep in mind that they will be open most of the time that I'm not screening. Thanks guys!
Thanks, I'll do that shortly. I honestly thought optical and HDMI were exactly the same as far as audio quality/capability..
Thanks for your reply.Hey, it would be a 2 min job for me to pull the optical cable and let the HTPC send both audio and video over HDMI to the AVR and then the video to the PJ via HDMI. Worth doing? Should there be any loss in the PQ as it passes through the AVR?
That's two votes for sending the raw signal straight to the AVR? I assume it won't make any difference that for the video I bypass the AVR and run it straight from the HTPC to the PJ and the audio is connected using optical cable and not HDMI?
With a username like bonscott then I have to stand up and listen. I will look into your tip and hopefully it will help out a lot. I have tried playing Blu-Ray's of Live at Donnington, No Bull and Stiff Upper Lip and for the life of me I can't figure out what to do with the sound. I want them to sound like the producers and band wanted me to hear them. So 'passing thru' the signal for the amp to process sounds like the right move.However, what should the amp be on? It...
The question is, should I bypass the processing of sound by the HTPC and leave it to the amp or should I let the HTPC do some of the work and set the amp on a particular setting?There just seems to be SO MANY variables on the HTPC side that I wonder if it is a case of 'too many cooks spoil the broth' with the signal eventually getting to the amp at a poor quality...
Hi guys! A message to ask for your help regarding sound in my home theater. I've had my current HTPC for about 18 months and it has performed beautifully but I have never really come to grips with the sound. I have put the basic specs of my HT below which has my HTPC connected to my Onkyo amp via optical cable. I have been using VLC to play a lot of my MKV 720p content (mostly all TV shows) but with the sound variables in VLC (or most other media players), the...
I'd highly recommend a Samsung SHS-1320 digital lock. eBay have them for about $120 delivered worldwide. Cam
A little bump if you don't mind.
Hi guys, I'm having a problem with my home theater in my new house. I have a custom built HTPC running Windows 7 and have been using it faultlessly for the past six months connected via HDMI to a Panasonic plasma. I have just moved into my new house and have it connected to a Panasonic PT-AX200E via an Onkyo TX-SR576 using HDMI. When I boot the HTPC (with the amp and pj on) I get no display whatsoever from the pj. The only way I can get the display to work is to...
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