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It's probably due to Cable and maybe satellite. If you don't pay the HD Tech Fee, you do not get HD channels with Comcast. WLS converted 7.3 to an SD version of Livewell to help gain more viewers.
Mine had no channel changes, but did mention that 'administrative fees' now start 30 days after the bill date, not the due date, and every 30 days thereafter. It also had a full-page ad for Extreme 505 Internet service. Who the hell needs that???
I wonder if Netflix direct peering with Comcast may help other ISP's a bit by reducing some of the load INSIDE the various CDN's and peers.
I've seen that 'long first' quite a bit for History, especially on shows like Vikings.I like Cartoon Network, where there is typically only one break in a 30-minute show, at least for most Adult Swim titles. I get so used to that on shows like "Family Guy" and similar that it can be very annoying how many breaks there are when I watch them on other networks.
I've seen posts from some that say this has also helped non-Netflix users who were accessing sites going through the peers Netflix was using. Not only did Netflix improve, but other sites benefit from the reduced congestion on 3rd party CDN's and peering.
As posted before, it's not not hard to put it on a CD-R or DVD-R. Just follow the instructions on the Sony site. I've used that method to update a BDP-S3100 that has no Internet access. Alternatively, is there a way you can temporarily connect it to the Internet? Then you just use the built-in update.
I thought Estrella was on WESV 40.1? On Comcast, it's still on channel 396, assuming the feed is coming from 40.1.
Just having a 4K TV isn’t enough to see Netflix’s 4K streams
It should work fine. I have an older 6412P2, and went from an older CRT with component to a newer LCD with HDMI. I just use a DVI-to-HDMI cable to the TV. Audio is optical to my receiver.
You could possibly try playing the title on your computer, then drag the slider back to the beginning, then stop. It should remember that and you can then use your normal device to play from the beginning.
New Posts  All Forums: