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I have a PC ( Win7 Ultimate, Quad processor and 4 GB RAM ) recording TV shows from antenna. Im trying to set this up as a streaming server serving other computers and media players. All devices in my home are connected through wired network. I noticed that when I access teh stream from a Vista WMP, the quality is degraded considerably. But if I export teh drive, and map teh drive, and play the same media as a file, using WMP, of course teh qiality is great. I...
Im trying to learn about streaming in general. I could not find the answers to the following questions in the internet : 1. Is it true that , when the DLNA server streams video, it converts the video file to a different format ? ( Eg :- When win7 streams a .WTV or .DVR-MS file, it will convert bot these into an MPEG2 transport stream, which is what is sent to the DNLA client ) ( My question was in teh absence of transcoding - I know using transcodin server can convert...
I tried to get my 16 GB thump drive ( fat32 ) read in the memorex Blu ray disk player. It did not read it at all. Reading this players thread here, some people seemed to be implying a '4GB limit' on fat32 although it was not clear. Is this player capable of reading fat32 file system at all ? If not, is there a work around ? By the way can it read NTFS file syste ? Thank you -nw
Thank you for the reply. I have an 2.4 GHz Intel quad with 4 GB memory. Could you please explain "If you get 10 bands of flickering blocks" Maybe this is my problem. How do I clean the head. ? Are there any 'head cleaning tapes" for the mini DV ? Also I reuse the tapes by recording over the previously recorded ones. Can this be a problem. --nw
I have a Sony HC7 HDV camcorder. Recently I noticed that if I have been using the computer while transfering teh video through firewire, the resulting video will have macroblockings. ( Like if Im browsing the internet or doing something else ). Is there a foolproof way to transfer the video from the tape to the Computer ? ( Even if I have *not* been using the computer it is quite possible that one of the system processes, or virus scan decided to run messing up my...
Since I dont have a PCIe AverTV 780 is out of question. But WinTV-PVR 150 looks very promising. Thanks a lot
Can somebody please give a recommendation for a good analog/NTSC tuner card. I have a Hauppauge HVR 1600 ( both analog and ATSC ) but the quality is not that good ( I was quite surprised. Is it possible that Im not doing something right ? ) My first preference is a NTSC only card. But if there is any good quality dual tuners which cab record ATSC and NTSC at the same time, please mention that too. Thank you very much nw
Hi : I have two Vista HTPCs sitting next to each other ( Both from Hp ). ( I intend to move teh older one to another room eventually. But right now it has a lot of videos in it ) But the problem is that, teh remote interferes with each other. Is there any way around this. Is it possible to assign IDs to each other ( like dishnetwork remotes have ) so that each remote will only operate the PC assigned to it ? Any pointers will be greatly appreciated. Thanks
Thanks everybody for the responses : One thing is clear for me : www.blueraystats.com should not categorized 'lossless' along with DTS HD MA ( as if they are two different formats ) Also what happens when my player setting is 'bitstream' AND the disk has Multi channel LPCM ? ( Will the LPCM be streamed through the HDMI ? )
Hi : I was looking at http://www.blu-raystats.com/. I saw that over 60% of teh disks have 'Lossless Audio' 1. Is this the correct/technical name of a format. Or a loosely used term ( AFAIK DTS-MA is lossless too ) 2. Also LPCM is uncompressed right ? ( So the player will not have to do any decoding at all ? ) Thanks
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