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Any thoughts?
I am doing a home theater and a buddy of mine (who's opinion I highly respect) is pushing these. Anyone have any thoughts about them? I was looking around here and there are very few post about them. Anyone have any thoughts or setups that I might use? My room is 16 X 12 if that makes a difference. Thanks in advance.
Anyone know if they are planning on carrying it again? Wish I ahd jumped on it when I had the chance. Ahh well, I have a couple of months till I need it anyhow. Thanks
Glad I found this link. I had alot of questions answered. I live in Breckenridge and saw the sign up yesterday that FIOS was live. I called and sure enough it was a go. My install date is 1/19 so only a week wait. This comes just in time for me as I am framing the basement right now and need to run some cable to the theater room and the addition bedroom. I cant wait to get the HD channels working as I was unwilling to spend the extra cash for it with DTV. I must...
I can only hope the HD72 is "in stock" tomorrow.... I should have jumped on this puppy earlier....
Are you sure the $400 is after that price or is it after the rebate? Man this is tempting... If you ordered it I would love a PM on this. Thanks!
Figured I would bump this one time. Thanks!
Disco... What program did you use to render that basement design? I am about to do mine and have done it on graph paper but that looks way more impressive. ;) Thanks and I will be following this thread as well to help me out.
Does anyone know anything about Dragonfly screens by SnapAV? They look pretty good and I have a bud that can get me a good price for one. They also appear to have a pretty good ceiling mount as well. Any thoughts? I would post the link but I think thats not permissable here. Thanks all!
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