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Preview I had purchased this what I thought to be a beautiful reputable product from Toshiba has turned out to be just a nightmare. Within the first month my remote control that came with the TV stop working. Then 4 months after I got the TV I heard a loud popping noise and found the power light button on (not flashing) but nothing going on screen and it did not appear to even be on. Nothing... So I had the Hacks that Toshiba referred me to come out and look at...
I have dvi on my tv, what if I get a player with hdmi?
So I wont be getting true hd when the discs are available through dvi? Is it not ta true 1080i.
To wait or not to wait for my first 1080i dvd player. Fire away, I want to hear everyones opinion, ideas for any other player, experiences, news and updates! Let it rip!
Sweet, you the man pitdog!
I have used both and find them very confusing. I have a 57h83 toshiba, and I also have white bars called jailbars going all thru the unit.
What does everyone keep there settings at, I usually just keep it in sports mode or standard. I want the best picture, can anyone offer me some advice or tell me your settings to compare?
So you think it s just I didnt notice them before? It cant be anything on those guns if the wiped them down right? Sounds like its comon maybe I didnt notice them before.
I purchased a Toshiba 57h83 HDTV 6 months ago. One day I came home and the power light came on, but nothing came on the screen. No inputs worked at all. The Toshiba warranty covered the repair. The warranty repair rep said it was popping the fuse that handled the power current. I was with out it for about 3 weeks and I finally got it back. Now, I swear I am seeing very faded 1.5 inch bars going vertical in the screen all across it. It is very faint and I thought...
I recently read a article after CES and it listed all of the new dvd players coming out that supported 780P and 1080I. Does anyone have any info that they have seen around the web?
New Posts  All Forums: