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It works about 20dB less good (noise wise) than many reasonable cables. Now whether 20dB less signal to noise is audible depends on the situation.
Recent Bill Whitlock (et al.) power line papers: patent application: Power Cable with Twisted and Untwisted Wires to Reduce Ground Loop Voltage William E. Whitlock Jamie M. Fox warning: reading this application may turn your brain to mashed potatoes. AES 2010 convention paper Ground Loops The Rest of the Story Bill Whitlock Jamie Fox March 17, 2010 The Conduit Transformer Dale Shirk
It's about mechanical polarity of the connector. (no electricity needs to be involved) po·lar·i·ty (po-lar'i-te, -lâr'-) Noun: po·lar·i·ties. 1. Intrinsic polar alignment, or orientation, especially of a physical property.
So I wrote my old friend 'C. Fred' about the WABQ tower, he did engineering there at about that time and he replied: Anyway ... it seems to me that the bulk of the response is pretty much correct. WUAB and WKBF were on the same candelabra tower with individual antennas on two of the arms. The third was never inhabited while I was around, though I am sure I remember the rumor of Channel 19. I think that Pete Ford thought "it would never get off the ground" from the get...
While RG6 coax is very good, is not the of Quad Shield verity. Quad Shield is optimized for the cable TV channel frequency range.See:http://www.bluejeanscable.com/store/subwoofer/index.htm&http://www.bluejeanscable.com/store/subwoofer/LC1-design-notes.htm
It's a solution for an imposable to exist (in the real world) problem! Surprisingly Caelin Gabriel @ Shunyata Research wrote a 10 page chapter in a TAS booklet The Golden Ear's "Guide to Audio System Setup and Evaluation" .The chapter "Technical Backgroung: AC Power - AC Power and Sound Relationships" got a lot of stuff right (maybe 80 %) that's way better than most boutique shops.
You can't use a meter to measure Ohms when any of the circuits are connected to the AC power system (Hot, Neutral or Ground). Are you sure that the meter was measuring Ohms? But arcs & sparks mean that you (or the cable co.) have a power wiring error.
You could get one of those little Kill-a-Watt meters. Make a few measurements, do a little addition and you have a good answer.
Toroidal transformer's have pluses and minuses. PLUS Less external magnetic field. Smaller size. Less weight. MINUS Wider band-width so line noise can pass through. Poorly designed or mis-specified are sensitive to high line voltage and DC offset.
An EE (GAR) in Michigan that posts on the electrical forums, has an e-book on using "TED" and reducing electrical usage. http://www.beta-a2.com/energy.html
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