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Get a whole house surge suppressor that attaches in or on your main circuit breaker panel. Prices start at $50.
I'm not Westom but, whole house surge suppressors are the best way to go. If the panel is full, you will need an electrician to help. I also agree with Westom, that brown-outs break things. But before or after the brown-outs often come huge surges.
Ah but, different strand counts on 14 gauge wire are slightly different diameters. Stranding Circular Mil Area 7/22 _ _ _ 4480 19/27 _ _ _ 3830 41/30 _ _ _ 4100 105/34 _ _ _4167
Most electricians find it easier to add a second ground, than to go to the time and expense (for the special meter) of measuring the first rod. By the way, many ground rods don't measure the NEC required 25 Ohms for one rod.
I too, think that it would be a good feature. Often we go to a long thread, that loads lots of photos, only to find that the only new post was a "thanks".
Some of it was on NBC then repeated on Versus. It was a USA (and nearby islands) only show. They never replayed the finish of the sprints showing the complete field.
Will Craig still be using the same studio? His show is structured towards a small audience room (like a basement comedy club). Conan was also better in the smaller N.Y. studio. Neither Craig's nor Conan's humor is polished enough for a large chrome plated studio.
Most modern units could drive 10 to 20 subs with little signal loss. Modern units have a very low output impedance and modern subs have a high input impedance so the signal level stays almost the same. One problem when hooking up lots of subs is ground loops, from using different AC power circuits.
Servo Subs are real hard to design at the corporate level (ask Bob Carver). For a DIY'er you may think that you got all the issues solved, but if tested by a skilled tester it will probably do poorly. For less time and money you can build a better sub using standard methods.
It's a little hard to decode what you have and what you want. Inputs and outputs seem to be swapped. 8300HD STB and/or 8300 drop-amp. Try the splitter first then to the inputs of two drop-amps, that will give you 16 outputs.
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