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Cox is in the process of taking off the Little Rock networks in Harrison. KARK is already gone and KATV will follow in February. This is causing an uproar here. Harrison cable has had access to Little Rock channels for 60+ years. Front page news in the Harrison Daily Times. I am hoping this outrage will help get Fayetteville networks considered "significantly viewed" in Boone County.
Is there a process for requesting a station be added to the "significantly viewed" list for satellite? I live about 5 miles northwest of Harrison in Boone County and KNWA's signal easily reaches the entire county.
When are they expected to increase power? For some reason I have always gotten KFSM on 5-1 at 100% here in Boone County. I would guess we are outside the expected coverage area.
KRBK is on DirecTV in HD already......
I have noticed a big drop in signal strength for KNWA the past few days. I usually pick it up at 100%, but now get only around 55%.
I have the 91XG UHF It does a great job.
Is it safe to assume all of these televisions will eventually get the power supply/capacitor problems, or was it limited to a specific group of sets that were produced around the same time?
If H.R. 3216 becomes law, the Arkansas counties in the Springfield DMA would be eligible to receive Arkansas networks in addition to the Springfield channels. http://www.televisionbroadcast.com/article/84014
KWBM-DT is gone from the DirecTv channel list. Wonder when they will put it back up?
Since Boone County is now inside the digital coverage area for KNWA, is there any hope that we might be considered "significantly viewed" and have the channel included on satellite/cable?
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