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Is the frame still available? if so I will give you 400 shipped to GA
Both together work flawless.
Is just me? Or did anyone notice the black levels been to black even with black enhancer off on the A-35. I did a comparison with thwe Onkyo 805 and notice a significance diffirence between players. In the plane scene of Transformers I could not see the guys face in the back and on the onkyo it was not a problem I dont know were the difference lies, so i am curious to find out if anyone else notice. Please give a feed if there is a resolution. Thx.
If you can afford it the URC MX3000 is your answer to your problems There are as cheap as 5-600 dollars and well worth it.
If you ca affford it the URC MX3000 is your answer to your problems There are as cheap as 5-600 dollars and well worth it.
This is a message for all those experiencing problem with there XBR950, such as flashing red Light when attempt to turn on tv. The problem is the door Panel that covers the blub it tends to get warped over a period of time from the heat. There is a tip on the door panel that pushes the switch down if that switch is not down the tv will not turn on. For that reason sony is replacing the door, they realize the bulb is too close the door. It can be temperily fix by bending...
Well to each is own, but I bet to differ base on my knowlegde of TV sets the store is the worse place to do a comparason, the salesman would always try to push the new product. I got my info from the source. Also with all the different source will never know how much your set shine until you take it home. These sets at this time can only be compare with HD source, and the proper tweeking. As you said is a "buyer defense" syndrome.
I was told other wise by one of sonys rep at the Home Theater back in may at the Hilton Hotel in New York. I am a current owner of a 60XBR950, and he specificlly told me the XBR engine alone makes it better set, despite all the new feature that's in the XS955.
I don't how many of us are paying attention to build of dust between the protective glass and the screen itself. There streams of dust intering the screen from the right and left corner at the top as if the protective glass was not properly seal from the manufacturer end. I contacted sony to hear what they have to say about the matter. Well they admit that it is a manufactor fault, and they can only try and repair it. Contacted PC Richard were I purchase the unit they...
I have my 60xbr for three months now and loving it. I read quit a few threads before purshasing this TV, and some them were so disturbing that they were very discoraging, but knowing that nothing is built perfect I made a purshase anyway. Now that I am experiencing my first problem with the set, I can understand were everyone with problems is comming from, nobody want problems from a set costing so much. My problem is have anyone taking a close look at the tv protective...
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