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What is your guys opinion of Vantage in regards to av control? I know the lighting is great but is the av control4 as good as control4 or even crestron? Thanks.
Hey guys, sorry I should have mentioned, I'm actually an AV installer and trying to see whether Vantage pricing fits in my customer's budget. I believe Vantage has a buy in, so I'm trying to find out what their systems costs before making the investment.
If someone already has a Control4 system, what kind of price difference would they be looking at to add lighting control from Control4 vs Vantage Infusion? I'm assuming Control4 would make more sense price wise since all you have to do is add the Control4 dimmers. How much more is it for Vantage Infusion? Would it cost say double the price? Does anyone know what msrp is for the Vantage Infusion Processor? Thanks.
How about a Sierra bookshelf with the RAAL tweeter? Does such a thing exist or in the works???
See if your sound card has an optical or digital coax out. I'm using optical from my sound card to my receiver. If you don't have that, you'll have to use analog. For that you'll need a mini stereo to rca cable.
See if you can find any good deals on M&K. I use a pair of K5's for my desktop along with a KX10 subwoofer. Just running off an old Yamaha receiver. I love the sound. Much better than any PC speakers. Although you might want a bigger subwoofer if you like a lot of bass. http://www.avreview.co.uk/news/article/mps/uan/281
I have a pair of K5s with a KX10 subwoofer for my computer setup and I love it! Very clear and crisp sound although I do use a bit of EQ to bring the highs down just a bit. I think you got a great deal.
I had both the F112 and the HSU VTF-3 HO. I don't have either one now, but to me the JL sounded much better. The HO may have had a bit more output around 20hz but the JL was better from 40hz and above. The JL was also much more articulate. Could hear much more detail in the bass for movies and music. For about the same price, you may want to consider a pair of Rythmik subs. The sound quality is superb and two subs should get you close to the same output of the JL.
According to the Klipsch website, the SW-311 has one 10" active woofer and two 10" passive woofer. I also had a Velodyne Minive 8" woofer and even that one sounded better to me than the SW-110. That being said, I'm also a fan of HSU research subs. I used to have a VTF-3 MK2 and that was an awesome subwoofer.
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