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The one issue that disturbs me about the Teslas is the relatively large number of unexplained fires that have destroyed vehicles. You can use Google to read up on them.. There have been five in the last five months and given that Tesla is still new with relatively few on the road that is definitely a source of concern. From a typical article on the subject published last week::"With shares of Tesla hitting an all-time high and the company approaching several milestones,...
LOL. Touche.
Thanks for the suggestion - it was the lamp. I hadn't realized it needed replacement because the picture on my set was getting an overwhelmingly blue shade so I assumed it must have been part of the well publicized problem with the light engine. I thought a lamp replacement would make it brighter but not get rid of the blue tint but I was wrong. The tint disappeared with the new lamp.
At about how many hours does that blob appear? I still am using my Q and to this point have not had it happen to mine. I wonder if it is because my set has had relatively light usage (I'm a snowbird and spend half the year down south) or because I have always had it sitting in a wall unit with external fans behind the set that turn on automatically every time I use the set and give it quite a bit of additional mechanical ventilation.
By stock do you mean one with a Sony OEM label?
No - I probably should go get one and do it. Perhaps that's all it needs.
Wow - I can't believe this thread is still going strong. I was one of the early and frequent posters here but haven't checked it in years. I still own my Q, one bought directly from Sony. I'm not sure if it is because of luck, relatively light usage or the fact that I've always used external cooling fans with the set (it is in a cabinet so I didn't want to take any chances) but somehow I still have not gotten the green blob. The picture has degraded from what I...
Thanks very much.
Guys, how do you check the hours in service on the Q006? Thanks.
Thanks. I thought that was very funny.
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