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Depending on where in Maineville - Fioptics is out here. I have Fioptics 20mb internet and it is great. I tried TV and it wasn't quite ready for prime time. We are FTTN (Fiber to the Node). With TV we cap out at 60mb. The biggest problem was the picture would glitch every few minutes - most likley a problem with their delivery and the ZTE boxes. Hopefully it will improve down the road.
money buys nice things
at this point now that the twinnies are gone, the only others that I would like to see go are Brenchel and Youtube.. feel bad for mark and bopper.. gotta love the gold ole boys!
how could I miss that.. wonder if its them who doesn't make it since she has a meltdown
interesting boring? mediocre? cast.. Not sure what to think. twinnies and youtube can suck it though
Good finish.. 60 / 40 split for tim and Marie... Wtf..
not sure who I want to win.. I guess at this point I am pulling for jason and amy or travis and nicole..
I like this season just like last.. one thing I must have missed.. the tower was destroyed right?
Did the clone wars end? I thought there was one more season.
please add macros / sequences (at least to the 900) - that will go a long way as well!
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