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Sounds right.One of my favorite movies has always been 'The Enemy Below', Kurt Juergens, Robert Mitchum, etc; I still watch it occasionally, and only available in DVD.
So far as I can tell, there is no time limit on using these coupons. So it should not be necessary to take what is offered at the moment. Correct?
Just today got my email from Sony with the 3 codes for the 3 $100 coupons. The instructions (from Robert) are to first use 1 coupon, and when the account has diminished to < $50, I can add the second; $150 is the max that the SEN account can keep. Etc. for adding the 3rd coupon. I should get around to trying this out this weekend.
Size grows on one, I remember being overwhelmed by a 36" tv many yrs ago. Much later I thought a 60" rptv was the largest anyone could ever want. Then went to a projector, and now have a 12 ft wide screen, viewing it from ~11ft. I love it, but I'm sure I would have been overwhelmed by it if I had gone to it directly from my 19" Trinitron.
Very true, Rich. There will always be something better coming down the line. Each of us just have to decide when the increment is enough to make the move.
I also liked the beveled structure look of the Cinema Contour, but after thinking about masking, I went with the DaSnap frame. It's a 1.5" square tube, with the screen snapped on the back. So this made it very simple (and inexpensive) to make a masking panel; bought some 1.5" thick styrofoam sheets at HomeDepot and cut them to the appropriate size, covered them with ProtoStar material.For my 144x72 HP2.4 screen, I use a 8"x72" panel which inserts snugly within the...
That would be fine by me. I had two JVC's, the RS1 and RS20, and thought they were great products; the 1000ES is my first Sony. So like many others here, I'm not bound by brand loyalty, but by what works best in my situation.
Come on, Mark; I'm 4 yrs older and looking forward to the next great thing: a Sony like machine with JVC's native O/F CR.
So, with this upgrade of the 1000ES to the '1100'ES, is this going to stave off the need/desire of upgrading for 2-3 yrs? More? Less?
Yes, Mark, I did see your recent post on this (thanks for making it public info!), and thought Kris' might just be another data point to consider. You are perfectly correct, though, that this could be irrelevant since he is dealing with the 600ES, not the '1100'ES as are we. I had 'Resolution' up to 40 in CR or so and didn't see any problems (I'm a much less critical/experienced viewer than you) but will look more carefully tonight.
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