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Anyone else wake up to a firmware update this morning? I have a 2113. I'm curious what changed. I didn't notice anything different, but with the hardware being pretty over a year old, I guess I wouldn't expect to.
So these do HDMI to zone 2, but do they decode HDMI audio (PCM 2.0) to zone 2? IE, can I play music on my HTPC through HDMI, and pump that to zone 2 while playing a 5.1 movie in zone 1? No other receiver can, but I keep crossing my fingers anyway!
That Active Digital Crossover feature is WAY cool for DIY speaker makers. If the result can be fed through MultEQ, too, then it there is literally no reason whatsoever I can come up with to build any kind of analog crossover network, not even a notch filter. Removing those components generally increases sound quality and certainly reduces cost, so it's a win-win. I hope you early adopters play with this feature! The only drawback is that there's only enough amplifiers...
Well, that's just it: with everything having HDMI today, the chips are quite inexpensive. The larger cost, I suspect, would be in the engineering of a branching signal path. No additional D/A converters are required; just a different allocation of them. But let's ignore HDMI to zone 2 while HDMI is playing in zone 1. Let's simplify it further. Denon already had "party mode", which would blast audio to all 7 channels. How hard could it possibly be to mute the first 5...
Thanks for the reply (and you too, Batpig). That's really disappointing. If it hasn't happened by now (and according to you, features are actually being removed), I'm going to guess that digital sources to an amplified zone 2 will never be a reality. I'm surprised there isn't at a viable market for this. Twisting my original question a bit: are you aware of any receivers that can decode HDMI audio and send it to zone 2 if zone 1 is not powered on?
With the 2nd zone HDMI output, does this make the 3313 the first receiver to be able to play HDMI audio for zone two? I would assume the receiver is capable of extracting audio from that HDMI signal for zone two (in addition to passing along the full stream), although I don't see that feature specifically mentioned. My Anthem receiver (and as far as I know, all other receivers) requires my zone 2 output to have an analog input. There are no D/A converters for zone 2,...
That's great info. Will the entire R lineup launch together, with bookshelf and center channel options? With the LF driver above the Uni-Q, how tall is the R900?
Thanks for replying. Since these two statements describe the new Q series too, perhaps I may ask something a bit more general: what differentiates the new Q series and new R series?Or phrased differently, why should I postpone a purchase of the Q series? Sounds great! To save others from having to look up the date, Cedia is September 7-10.
Hi KEF, Will the R-series use new metal drivers for both HF and LF transducers? Will the R-series use curved cabinets like the XQ, or is it moving to rectangular boxes like the new Q-series did? Will the R-series ship in 2011? Thanks!
+/-3db from flat is poor, but acceptable, depending on where all the variance lies. That's not my concern.+/-3db, plus variations in phase vs frequency between matched speakers in a surround sound setup is FAR too much variation. Even a modest 3 db change between the left and center speakers represents a DOUBLING (or halving) of output, not exactly seamless panning.From the review:This is what I was asking about: how this sounds in practice versus matched drivers.
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