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If you have case or other equipment that have to much led in front, there is a solution for that: google lightdims.They have sticker that can cut down those leds.
You can throw away the old case, get a new Antec quiet case (the smallest possible) and keep everything inside your old pc if it still fit your need. Putting more furniture around the pc will just overheat it. Or you can also get an intel nuc to replace your old pc.
I have found have jab-tech.com have reasonable prices and type of fans. But if you are using a pc, I use speefan to keep the fans at the minimal speed to keep the cpu and case cooled.
You can either configure CW_EPG underOptions->Right Click on the Tuner->Set Capture DirectoryOr if you have one of the newer Windows version (7 or later) that let you create soft link of directories.Move the C:\homerun to something like D:\somewhereRun the command prompt as administratorexecute: mklink /D C:\homerun D:\somewhere
Another thing is that a lot of company are moving to the higher bit ssl encryption keys with aes encryption. So it will slowdown network if you are still using one off the older cpu. Also If you think it could be firewall or antivirus related, you can try 1 manual run with them disabled.
I don't have any winXP anymore as none of the newer hardware have driver for winxp. But if you just need to test your network speed you can use speedtest.net.
I am on comcast and I do a manual update every day and it has been working fine. Less than 10s for 15 channel update.
Does anybody knows if there is any way to reset ARO calibration to factory setting ?
I had complained to anthem already once that I could play my Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon DVD-Audio, but there was not enough quadraphonic disc around to make it a serious problem for them.And I don't know of any commercial new release that is only quad.
Thanks Bob,I have already sent an email to Anthem. Hopefully they have a way for me to check the MIC.If the MIC itself does not have a S/N written into its firmware then it must be a bad MIC because my old MIC still works fine with same machine/software/cable.Thanks.
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