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If all you want is thermostat control, then just about any networked thermostat will work. If you want something that "fits" in with the Apple "feel", then check out the Nest Thermostats. https://nest.com/ There are plenty of other options, but the Nest is certainly a very nice looking and functioning option.
Just make sure your device will output analog sound at the same time as HDMI. Some device will output both together, but a lot of devices will cut off the analog audio when using HDMI. I'm not familiar with the DirectTV boxes to know how they handle the situation.
Oddly enough, I stumbled upon this blog post about Google's new Chromebox for meetings. This might be a good alternative as well which provides easy to set up video conferencing. http://www.androidcentral.com/google-intros-chromebox-meetings-hardware-and-service-offering
I would look at using a SIP based phone system like Asterisk or PBX in a Flash. You could easily accomplish all of this using a couple video phones. You can use a SIP softphone on tablets, computers, etc for mobile access. About the only thing she couldn't do that you asked about is view it on a TV. Actually I bet you could use Web RTC and a chrome browser to handle the video phone connection and then use Chromecast to view that screen on a TV. I think a solution like...
No. Sorry about that. I can see where my post is a little confusing. Just two pairs. One pair around the table and one pair around the island (but not right above the island, instead I would put them above the walkway behind the island).
I agree with this placement. You can cheat the table speakers away from the sink some if you wanted to. But I think having another pair of speakers around the sink or back isle will also be needed.
I assume your whole house distribution system takes analog stereo audio and your video distribution system is using HDMI. Hence the issue because you cannot easily mix these signals. I think one of the easiest solutions is to look at an HMDI audio extractor like this unit from Monoprice. http://www.monoprice.com/Product?c_id=101&cp_id=10114&cs_id=1011412&p_id=10251&seq=1&format=2 That would allow you to break out the audio from the HDMI and get any type of audio signal...
You can definitely use a VOIP phone system to handle the intercom features you are looking for. You can get ready to go software for free like PBX in a Flash. Check out this blog by one of the PIAF guru's for some great information. http://nerdvittles.com/ You can run this software as a virtual machine on an existing computer, or use a Beagle Bone or Raspberry Pi mini computer, or a full blown regular computer as well. For phones, just make sure that the phone you...
I know that was coming, but I didn't have any clear QAM stations when I arrived home from work today. I was just curious if others had experienced the same thing today or not.I have been getting clear QAM channels (ie the local network channels) because I subscribe to charter internet and they send that feed to the house. I'm back to using my antenna now because the QAM is gone. It's not the end of the world. I actually get more channels through the antenna, but the...
Did Charter flip the switch and turn off clear-QAM in the greenville/greer area today?
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