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I 'll throw in my .02 and make another recommendation for Antennas Direct and their DB4 , I've have had much better reception with this model than several others I have tried. It is also relatively compact I am even getting several channels from another market, I was not counting on getting. Significant improvement over the clip-on antenna. As always your mileage may vary, but it worked out for me.
Jeff, They have a 90 day return policy, if it doesn't work with no restock fees. As for trees, usually a few are'nt a problem, but a thick canopy can attenuate the signal. The higher you go in frequency the more likely signals can be weakened or blocked by obstacles. The DB4 may offer a bit more gain, but if the signals are being stopped cold, it is likely that no antenna will be able to create a signal where it doesn't exist. Your best bet is to keep your...
David, thanks for the reply. So it looks like for a playback device, I would need to set up something like an HTPC and play from a dual layer DVD. Interesting..
Sorry for the stupid question, but if I download the HD video to the PC for editing, what would be the best way to store/archive the editied material for playback? Its not like I'll be able to burn this to a DVD. Will we need to move the edited material back to the camera, and use the camcorder as a playback device, or will there be some sort of compatibility with the DVHS decks? Thanks for entertaining this obvious question as I am new to video editing.
I agree. I upgraded to the DB4 over the 4221. what a difference! The DB4 resulted in an immediate 15-20 point improvement on the signal strength meter over most of the UHF channels. The improvement was most pronounced on some of the lower UHF channels. The best surprise was it also gave me some distant channels over 65 miles away, I was not expecting to receive. Go with the DB4 .
Rather than getting an amplifier you may want to investigate a better antenna. I would agree that a small Yagi may do the trick. I think you are referring to the SR15. www.antennasdirect.com It has high gain and is effective at multpath rejection. Even though it is an outdoor design, its also small enough that you could fashion a set top stand for it.
You may want to investigate a distribution amplifier from Extron or Inline. What you are trying to do is very common, but not cheap. A decent 1x10 output RGB DA can cost a few thousand bucks. While its possible to rig somehting up, you probably will not get anything worth while from your local Best Buy or Radio Shack.
I have tried a number of antennas in my quest for long distance reception Including Terks, Channel Masters and Wineguards. I have finally settled on The DB8 from Antennas Direct. www.antennasdirect.com After months of frustration, it was the only antenna that gave me reliable reception at 65 miles. Everyones situation will be different and your mileage may vary. If you feel you are really at the limit of what is possible you may want to consider the XG91, which should...
I would agree, a UHF only antenna would be the best option for your area, and you will get many years of useful service from it. And stay far, far away from Terk. At your distance, you may want to consider an Antennas Direct DB4 or XG42.
Not sure I would want to see Nancy wilson in HD. eek!
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