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I always wanted to do two dts-10s as risers! I'm currently playing with different 10" subwoofer configurations immediately behind my theater chairs firing into my back. Sealed and ported of various sizes. They beat the snot out of any transducers I've felt yet. I am also on a basement slab. I'm pretty excited about implementing my idea.
These things are monsters. They are probably very comparable to something like the HSU vtf-15h. They are the strongest home theater sub infinity ever made. When I upgraded from a pair of these to a pair of svs pb13 ultras in 2011, (which are a better sub), I had a close friend and former roommate over to demo the pb13 ultras. I was disappointed with his comments. He said the svs pair didn't sound any better than my pair of hps-1000. Anyway, good luck with sale, If...
An extra dB or two below 20hz with lms 5400 A extra 3 or 4dB at the higher frequencies with the uxl-18 The lms 5400 will have a flatter frequency response natively and less distortion. The uxl-18 will require less power to max excursion levels. The lms 5400 is the best 18" avail. The uxl-18 is comparable at 1/2 cost. Edit: whoops, I thought you were wanting to compare sealed.
SKIP rollup screens. They have waves in them which get really annoying fast in panning shots. Tensioned roll up if you must have roll up but that adds to cost. DIY is the cheapest way -- there are lots of threads on that. Jamestown is a cheaper option. Elite Screens on amazon is an option....Monoprice has screens. Look for a fixed screen first and foremost.
I feel the same about cloth surround.
the last vid linked is lukeamdman off avsforum.
Bump for update?
anyone yet tested acousticpro1080p2 from elite screens? http://www.elitescreens.com/index.php/products/screen-material-93264/1255-acousticpro1080p2
I just read back a page and realized notynyt had thrown up some sims. I didn't realize that when I asked for more data -- hadn't caught up with this thread yet. Still would like to find some comparisons or example uses.
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