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Anyone have the number or email to the FCC. I'll certainly send them something. It would be nice to have both CBS and This TV on my guide instead of having to choose.
It worked. Now I have KFDM back and no This TV. Guess I will have to wait for DISH to add the manual station entry to its new Hoppers before I can get This TV back. lol.
Just tried the double rescan. All channels were erased on first scan. Then on second scan just "This" TV scanned on 6.1 (but now I have a picture of This TV and not just a black screen) Still no CBS. I will now attempt the fast connect after it passes by channel 6. Thanks for all the great ideas.
Great idea.I will try this later tonight after my wife is through with all of her shows.
I agree. It has to be the new channel 6 that is confusing the Dish Box. I have tried Deleting both 6.1 and 6.2 as well as doing many rescans. Nothing so far has worked. The newest Dish Network Hopper software still does not allow for manual entering of OTA channels. There is a newer version coming down the pipe and it still does not allow for manual station entry. (Very frustrating). I watched the channels as it scans and it picks up 1 channel on VHF6 then when it gets to...
I am referring to the OTA signal. Strange thing is that KFDM 6.2 comes in just fine. But KFDM 6.1 just says DTV in the guide and has a black screen. All other OTA channels work great as well. Even picking up channels 2, 20, 26 and 39 from Houston tonight.
KFDM now just shows up as DTV in the guide. I tried a re-scan at my house and my dads house and neither one picked up KFDM again. This is on a Dish Hopper system.
It is awesome to finally have guide data for MeTV. My dad called today to tell me 6.1 was not showing on his TV. I checked mine, and sure enough 6.1 had no guide and was just a black screen. DId not have time to mess with a re-scan yet. Maybe that will fix it.
Love the "Phone Cops" episode as well. Also love the Japanese tourist that " must have spotted a photo mat" when the "Godless Tornados" we're attacking. Mr. Carlson having a Monkey on his foot when he used cocaine as foot powder. Less singing his dream song about Mr. Carlson being a "Big fat Muffin". And so much more, I could go on all day.
I would love to have WKRP back on again. However, I would love to have it back with the original music someday. I know the cost are just way to high, but the show is just not the same as it was when it originally aired. I have the DVD's but cringe every time they spin a record.
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