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Worst kept secret. A singer will win. And never be heard from again.
Anybody see the end of the current season? Especially with the bedroom scene with John Ross, his wife Pamela and his piece of a*s on the side Emma? As close to p*rn as they allow on cable TV. Never seen John Ross flustered like that, given the situation. Of course, what happened after, oy!
And who would be left standing? Bear?
Everything these days seems to be a corporate symbol and Disney doesn't pay who it doesn't want to pay to use it, thus the blurring (or other obfuscation) of said symbol.To save on duct tape, they also have people wear those shirts inside-out.
Took me a while to place the name (I did recognize his voice) of good ol' lawyer (and future president of the Colonies) Romo Lampkin from BSG.
West coast recap time... Disney themed with either troupe members or animations dancing with the couples (not always). Top score - James&Peta for contemporary (music from Frozen) - perfect 40 (first perfect score of the season) Bottom score - Drew&Cheryl for quickstep (music from Aladdin) - 28 Couples listed in jeopardy - Nene&Tony, Cody&Witney and Candace&Mark. Nene&Tony announced as safe. Couple eliminated - Cody&Witney (young fans very disappointed). Next week is...
Weekly BUMP for tonight's performance show. Switch-up is over and celebs return to their regular partners. Interesting on how the switch-up will affect the chemistry (especially Meryl who went from one Chermikovskiy brother to another). By the way, votes from the past two weeks will be combined to determine who gets voted off tonight. It's Disney themed week with performers (apparently) dancing along side Disney characters (am I understanding this right??). Also, I was...
They forgot two very important events that also happened in 1969 (important to me, at least).The Jets won Super Bowl III in January, the Mets won the World Series in October. Pretty significant things for NYC area locals.
On the other side of the country.... Yankees were OTA on WPIX (11), Mets were OTA on WOR (9). Of course that's ancient history (1970s when I was living there). What's the story now for OTA baseball in NYC?
Wait, "bats%$t crazy Erin"? Hardly. She has the chops to ask the pointed questions and not afraid to hear out the guff some people spew out (see Richard Sherman after NFC Championship game).Heck, she's hot. Nice change of pace after what, 6 seasons of Brooke?
New Posts  All Forums: