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I won't discuss it yet but the show hits the ground running full tilt!! Everything you want is here and more.
Barely anyone saw it. I watched it on Netflix and enjoyed it quite a bit. Not really a cult movie but fun.
I with you on this. It was everything I was afraid it was going to be. But it still held my attention. It also is apparently a magnet for actors to want to be in which is a bit jarring to see these guys in bit parts. I'll be sticking it out for a while.
Because the plot required it. Apparently it really isn't a secret base.
The concept is so kerfuffled that I have bailed out. Nothing makes sense especially the forced plots of the kids destroying the communications. Once I saw that they had to add a little love triangle on top of the other problems, that was all she wrote.
She could be the cruise director! Played by Lauren Tewes!
I don't know. A tree is a pretty big stick if you ask me.
I dunno. Are you clairvoyant?Gawd, I hated the extended exposition by Garrett last night.
When you post in the game of thrones non-spoiler thread, you win or you die.
I posted that earlier in this thread (post 1565). I would not post it in the non-spoiler thread even though it technically is not a spoiler because it relies completely on clips from the tv show.I pretty much agree that it isn't information that you would know to look for if you didn't read the books although some maniac who has time to rewind the ep and watch it 50 times could come up with it without spoiler knowledge.To me, the importance is that GRRMartin is being much...
New Posts  All Forums: