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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RiI-8Pb7q1k Here is a great video of the WITN Weather Team during the 1st snow storm a couple of weeks ago, Matt Engelbrecht was streaming live during the entire night. Very cool inside look. Charlie Ironmonger and Matt were cutting up alot of the time, Marvin was there as well.
WCTI and WFXI/WYDO are back on Dish !
Directv adds WTNC 26 UniMas to the local channel line up
You can buy a portable radio at best buy for around $50. You can use it thru FM modulator or a aux input. On my factory HD radio, when I tune to the channel it automatically switches over to HD and you want believe the difference in sound. Like going from a record over to a CD. HD radio also have other info. I get weather from The Weather Channel and traffic info showing a map with road info.
Speaking of radio we need some more HD Radio channels. My new truck has HD radio. I get the following stations 89.3 HD1 Public Radio East HD2 News/Talk 103.3 HD1 V103 Adult Contemp HD2 Rock 106.5 HD1 WSFL Classic Rock HD2 WSFL The Trip Also Pull in from Raliegh 101.5 HD1 WRAL HD2 WRAL Cornerstone christian radio 100.7 HD1 WRDU The River HD2 WRDU 99.9 HD1 ESPN Radio The Fan HD2 620AM The Buzz HD3 The Ticket Sports2.0 HD4 ESPN DEPORTES
WYDO currently has 2 channels running. Bounce is on 14.2, I would thing they could add one more, looks at WCTI 12,2. Bandwidth starved but would work for just a radar.
Directv adds WeatherNation HD and WeatherNation SD today ch 361
WeatherNation HD launching on Directv Ch 361
WEPX WPXU has added another sub channel 38.6 and 35.6 HSN Home Shopping Network. They now offer 6 digital channels (1 HD and 5 SD ).
Can someone with Directv confirm that they now have CW in HD.
New Posts  All Forums: