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FWIW, Twisted pair is engineered such that any interference will introduce the same signal on both of the wires of a given twisted pair. because an inverted signal is sent down the second wire, when it's inverted again, and mixed with the other signal, the interference is naturally cancelled out.
I'll tell you the same thing I tell everyone asking for advice on a new computer: Generally, you will be better off buying a sustem with dedicated video RAM. Remember, Even in your case, where you may very well be running this thing headless, shared video RAM takes a chunk of your system RAM bandwidth just to send the display the information it needs. Make sure that the system you buy has an x16 PCI-e slot that you can add a graphics card to later. In all honesty...
Are there any brands you woud recommend?
would a D-VHS desk digitise an anlaog tape and export it to firewire?
What I've got right now is a Power Mac Dual chip 2.5 Ghz machine and a Pinnacle DV converter box. What I need to get is a VHS deck to play old VHS home movies from my parent's old camcorder (A full size over-the-shoulder unit) Price is sort of an object. I'm willing to pay a few hundred bucks for a unit that will make the most of these old tapes. what would you recommend? I don't have much use for a VCR other than for digitizing these tapes. The selection at...
Right, VLC plays the video just fine, but I still cannot get the files into FCX, iMovie, or iDVD
(Apologies in advance if this is posted in the wrong place...) I have several videos, that I captured as generic MPEG-2, and I want to use them on my Mac, but I am having some trouble getting videos that I captured as normal MPEG2 files with my P4 PC, with ATI All-in-Wonder Radeon card, (the original Radeon chip...) but when I try to play them on my Mac or import them into iMovie, or Final Cut Express, I get an error message to the effect of "Quicktime could not...
What software do I need to create a DVD with two seperate audio tracks. I want to add a commentary track, in addition to the music track that was added when we had a bunch of old 8mm films converted to VHS.
What I am looking for is an Open Source, or Free Software program that will allow me to create a DVD from a single large Mpeg-2 file, and insert chapter markers every 10 minutes or so. FWIW, the source material came from my ReplayTV
the notebook does not have a DVD Drive. the desktop doesn't have WMP 9. I'll see if I can get it working on the desktop. Update: Installed WMP 9 and so far so good... The cleaned MPEG will play in WMP9 on the desktop with proper time code but not on the laptop. On the laptop it will play in VLC but the time is still all over the map. how do I burn this to a DVD now with just Nero 6?
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