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I have a 55es on order. I will be coming from a Mitsu 3D DLP and already have 4 pairs of active shutter glasses that work with the Mitsu IR emitter. Is there any chance that these glasses would work w/ the 55es?
Unfortunately, I don't live anywhere near Seattle. It was just a giant random neon sign calling out to me.
When video games enter real life: I had to be to work very early this morning. As I rounded the last corner near my office, I saw our local seafood restaurant with the HUGE neon sign and immediately wanted to get closer so I could drain it.
So - having never played either of the prior infamous games (came over from 360), should I go evil or good for first play through?
I just pre-ordered MLB 14 for PS4 and it worked fine. Click on the Slick Deals link above and go to the pre-order list and select from there.
categorically speaking, there isn't a need for a TF killer yet.
This is still my most anticipated game. I just read a good article (link below) about the decision to delay the release and some press that have had a chance to play a recent build. I am still hopeful that it will live up to its hype.Why Watch Dogs went into hiding
After not having much fun with Ghosts, I decided to buy the Season Pass anyway and download the Onslaught DLC pack. WOW - is all I can say. I had more fun playing for a couple hours lat night than I have had since launch. My take on the maps - Fog: May be one of the best maps of recent CODs. It's dark w/ the right amount of cover vs open space. There's plenty of CQB in the main building. The best is waiting for the possible appearance of Michael Myers. If someone...
Will be sticking with the Silver surrounds.Thanks.
The room has yet to be built, but it will be ~ 11 x 27 x 8. The LCRs will be behind an AT screen (27 ft length includes area behind screen) with main seats at ~ 10 feet from screen. There will be a second row of seats on a platform and a table w/ bar stools immediately behind the second row. The room will be treated.
New Posts  All Forums: