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Yeah, if it works, just keep changing the packaging! :) You should be able to disconnect the blue lights - or maybe dim them right down. I disconnected the LEDs in my Sonata (with acoustic treatments) as it was lighting up the room!!
Sucks to hear that Tinker. I also ordered an Artic Cooler for my X800XT when I bought it, but I haven't got around to installing it. If I do, I'll be extra careful. I originally wanted the card with it already installed, etc. but they were never in stock and ended up being a bit more expensive. Guess that's the way to go if you are going to do it. Were you overclocking the card in addition? Thanks for the heads up.
lvisneau - thanks for "shiny side up". :) I'm going to try it, even as a temp screen until I decide what to do, if it's that cheap. I'll probably get the 54" but a length of 120" to make a 115"x49" 2.35:1 screen, and zoom in and out as required. I'll probably get a Panamorph too to max out the 2.35:1 usage. Looking forward to getting a FPJ for sure! Hey solderguy - the HS20 has an HDMI & DVI no? Get an HDMI -> DVI converter, and voila, 2 DVI inputs. :)
I was also considering the HS20 - but I think I'll be going with an Epson Cinema 500 like Scott did. The HS20 is a nice projector for the $$ indeed, a lot of nice features! I'm sure anyone getting one, especially as a first PJ would be very happy. HD content will be sweeet too. lvisneau & jmacduff - I looked at a piece of black out stuff for drapes today, what side did you guys use? Both sides seem to be the same color, but one's ever so slightly fuzzy and the other's...
I know it's probably not likely.. but here's hoping the HX1u will go down when the HD2K comes out. :) Else, might just have to pony up the $$. PCARACER - do tell us your impressions when you get it out of the box for sure! Did you get it "phelped"? :) I would do the same, have AVS ship it direct to William. Good luck!
I'm holding out, hoping the arrival of the HD2K will cause the HX1u to drop in price a bit. I've yet to actually view an HX1u, but I like the sounds of it, as I'm leery of DLP issues. Keep us informed guys! Looking forward your thoughts on this unit. I'd likely get it from AVS & shipped directly to WP for calib, then across the border it will go. :)
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