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Ditto. I just purchased a 5070 from Roman an hour ago. Busy day at Invision. So far the service has been exemplary.
I have the Denon 3806 and PS3 as well, though I don't have Resistance yet. So I'm interested to see if it does indeed except 7.1 pcm over HDMI. So assume it doesn't. Wouldn't applying Dolby Pl 2x to the incoming 5.1 stream achieve the same results?
The AE700 will accept 1080i and downconvert it to 720P (its native resolution). I have 1080i going from both the Tosh HD-A1 and the PS3 to my AE700, and both look incredible.
How's the PQ and AQ? I much enjoyed this concert on HD-NET, and have the hd-dvd on my x-mas list.
So are you saying the performance was great? How would you rate PQ and AQ?
That was a fair, balanced and interesting analysis (and I'm currently an HD-DVD owner only).
Quote: Originally Posted by rlsmith I am however incredibly impressed by what I am seeing from the PS3. I haven't seen it with BD yet but the graphics on games blow away the XBox. I seriously hope you're referring to the original Xbox and not the Xbox 360.
Quote: Originally Posted by Elemental1 F Hey, is that 1080i on one of his shots. :eek: That's 480i upconverted to 1080i by the HD DirectTivo. The images may even be better if the HD DirectTivo passed the native 480i signal to allow the Pioneer to upscale to its native resolution. Btw, I think both sets of pics are impressive for SD material on HD sets. Just goes to show why Panasonic and Pioneer are top dogs in plasma. :cool: ...
Thanks a lot for the pics! Those are quite impressive for DirectTv SD.
If anything, I think the vocals were mixed a bit hot.
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