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Simply because it has the port doesn't mean it can update. My USB ports are for playing video files.
http://blog.aereo.com/2014/01/aereo-announces-launch-date-cincinnati/ Been using it for a week or so now, seems like this may prove useful if they survive the onslaught of lawyers lining up to sue them. I get OTA Dayton stations fine here in Fairfield but have a terrain issue and only get Channel 64 from Cincy. Anyhow, I find the Windows interface slightly clunky and the Roku gui isn't much better. The showstopper for now is you can't simply turn on a station and watch...
I've found the best thing to try first is to rename the input your device is plugged into as "TV".Source Button, then select the PS3 source >> Tools Button >> Edit Name >> select "TV" Make adjustments to the picture quality from there.Never have tried this in Game Mode though.
Looks like my days of the $15 locals only cable might be nearing the end: Lifehacker Article On the bright side, my OTA reception of Dayton stations seems to be better lately so I guess I can do that as a last resort.
I'd say this is a good time to do that "hang it on the wall" thing the kids all do these days...
For me it most definitely is.I could duplicate this scenario every day for several weeks using a different source:Solid 7-8 minutes at 10mbit from apple.com, switched to Netflix and it dropped to 1/4 the bandwidth. This is on Win7, I can monitor my LAN and WAN bandwidth from my router using DD-WRT:Speedtests from various testing sites tell me nothing useful. And no, it's not my router when I can stream from anywhere else at much higher rates.Also, I noticed 2 days ago I...
Oop, sorry, hadn't checked the thread for a while.I use DUMeter, have used it for years. It's basically a widget that sits on your desktop showing all data in and out in a graph. It is now payware, but here is a free one that's just as nice: http://www.softperfect.com/products/networx/Ever since you could monitor something like this (1997?) I have. My android devices kind of irritate me because this doesn't exist for them yet.
That's the source of my irritation... I get a solid 10mbit stream from other sites such as apple.com and Amazon. It's only Netflix, which annoys me to no end.
The reason I asked is because I had great service until the past 10 days or so. Pretty frustrating, it's bad enough I'll have to cancel Netflix. 2 dot quality on a Roku is pretty awful looking. (4 dots is highest for SD material, 4 dots +HD is, well, HD)
Any TWC internet users having Netflix issues during prime time evening hours? I seem to get a good 10mbit stream from pretty much any site that has huge bandwidth but Netflix goes down the tubes every evening. Runs a HD stream fine in the afternoon.
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