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Unless the Plus Package comes with Advanced TV Premier, I'm not paying for it.
I definitely get at least 891, 892, and 893 on my TiVo HD. I watched them briefly this morning. I'm not sure about the movie channels as I don't subscribe to them.
I had no issues on my TiVo. Are other channels fine? Are you still having audio issues with TNT?
Yes, I've had to do it a couple times over the last few months.
Okay, just checked again and the channels were still having issues. I power cycled both the TA and TiVo and all is well with the world again - not that I really cared as I never watch MSNBC and only occasionally watch CNBC. BTW, I assumed HD channels, but tried the SD versions tonight as well. They were also having issues, hence my realization the devices were in need of a reboot.
Just tried them both. MSNBC works, but not every time I tune it in. As for CNBC, I can't get it to work at all. It just displays the typical "The channel is experiencing network difficulties..." on my TiVo.
Looks like we're not alone, though: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HDNet
Quote: Originally Posted by moyekj Looks like the new Cisco multi-room DVR has tons of issues: http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showt...1#post20019351 No wonder it's not really advertised yet. It's ridiculous how long it takes for them to get these things right on their own systems! Looks like you are better off keeping your Moto DVR for now if you are using Cox DVR. I'll stick with my TiVo - I remember all the issues we had with our Moto DVRs, no...
I was thinking the exact same thing. On the one hand, they won't give us our desired a-la-carte channel pricing for the channels we want, yet, in a way, with these Paks, they are giving us such pricing on channels we don't want. It's really a big mess.
Not that I care about any of those channels in the far left column, but in order to get them, one must subscribe to the "Plus Pak." So in addition to the HD Pak I already pay $5.50 per month for, I have to pay an additional amount to get other (worthless) HD channels? So much for that "free HD."
New Posts  All Forums: