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Yes, I have successfully burned and used 4 firmware updates with my Mac. I unpack the original Windows self extracting file (ending in .exe) with Stuffit before burning it to the disk. I use Toast to burn the CD-R disk (ISO 9660 and CD ROM XA settings) as a single session disk.
Anyone else having frequent millisecond sound drop outs on WEAO-DT (49.1) via OTA reception?
Good thought but I've been trying the HDMI ouput directly to the TV using a HDMI->DVI adapter of course. Am I the only one having problems?
Thanks for taking the time to check on your TV. I must use the Sony supplied composite cables to get the signal from the PS3 to my TV. The PS3 doesn't autodetect the the HDMI cable when it is attached to my TV. When I choose the HDMI out on the Video Display set up, and then quickly switch to my DVI input on my TV, there is only a blank screen. I have tried several HDMI cables, 3 different adapters all to no avail. It is frustrating since one person has said he has my...
[quote=Rich Davenport;11376731]I have the HLN4365W circa 2003... Will the PS3 HDMI output work on your TV?
Unfortunately I already scoured the manual. No help in there for my problem. When I choose the HDMI setting the only thing I get on the TV is a blank screen, no further options. Thanks for the suggestion in any case.
How do I do that? I haven't found a screen that will let me do that on the PS3.
Thanks, no joy yet.
...He was very happy it worked. Now he gets to go around and fix HLN sets when they wont display HDCP material.[/quote] I have a HLN4365W1 with a "no signal" message whenever I try to use the PS3 HDMI output. Was this the message you were getting?
I just got a PS3. After reading several forums it seemed that using an adapter PS3 HDMI to DVI was being successfully used. Well no luck on my Samsung HLN4365W1. I get a "no signal" message when trying to use the HDMI output of the PS3 to the DVI input of my Samsung. Has anyone successfully used the HDMI ouput to the Samsung HLN series TV?
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