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Anyone have an update as to when WBNX will be transmitting in HDTV? What is the speculated reason it has taken so long? I have read old posts from 2002 which stated they would start transmitting in DTV "soon".
Woops! There is another series broadcast in HD on WUAB, I thought it was Smallville, my mistake.
Star Trek and Smallville are shown in HD on WUAB. As I noted in a previous post , for me, the picture is dark, with little contrast and poor color saturation. Have others noted this problem? I'd be interested in a reviews of the transmitted HDTV video quality on WKYC, WJW, WEWS, WOIO, WUAB, WNEO etc.
Is the picture on WUAB-DT usually so dark, with a lack of contrast and color saturation? I have a DiSH 811 receiver for OTA reception and note that WUAB-DT is much darker etc than the received WUAB analog channel Is it my equipment or the WUAB-DT transmission?
New Posts  All Forums: