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I can't get the PS3 to work via HDMI to my Samsung HLN4365W1 TV. When using a HDMI->DVI adapter (the TV does'nt have HDMI only DVI) I get a "no signal" message on the TV. Has anyone had luck connecting the HLN series of Samsung DLP TV to a PS3. If so how did you do it?
I have version 1.9 and have not been able to use the PS3 HDMI output via a HDMI to DVI adapter. My television says "no signal" I have a HLN4365W1 model TV. If anyone has had better luck I sure would like to hear about it!
Thanks, that's certainly cheap and easy!
I would like to install JBL HTI6C speakers in my suspended ceiling. What do I have to do to prevent warping of the ceiling tile, with time, do to the weight of the speaker? I'd of course like a good, cheap and easy solution.
OK here as of 9:00pm
WEAO-DT 49.1 went down for me today joining 49.2 with a blank screen. Is it my equipment or theirs with the problem?
Same results here, blank screen on 49.2
I've been watching this morning and it looks very good. It's great to have PBS HD programming back. Will you be able to transmit Dolby 5.1 audio?
I just got an e-mail from the marketing department at WEAO-DT/WNEO-DT. They plan on starting HDTV transmissions on Tuesday 6/26 at 9am on channel 49.1 and 45.1 respectively. I'm looking forward to being able to access PBS-HD programming in NE Ohio again.
Any word/update on the resolution of the legal problems holding up full power HDTV transmission from WVIZ-DT?
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