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Yes it does.
No problems with reception here.
Is it my receiver's problem or is WQHS-DT off air?
I've called DiSH several times about the matter. They say they are looking into it.
I saw a HDTV program between 9am and 10am today on WEAO-DT. There was even a local weather alert superimposed on the picture. Hopefully this means that many who live in NE Ohio will finally have access to OTA PBS HDTV programming soon.
[quote=Andrew K]I live in Akron and haven't noticed any change. I checked the signal levels, and they appear the same. However, I've noticed a lot of pixelation on WBNX-DT. Has anyone else noticed this?[/QUOTE Yes me too. I've also noticed significant changes is signal strength of WJW-DT at night. It appears to be related to multipath as the signal fluctuates wildly.
Any word on the antenna problems with WVIZ-DT or equipment upgrades for WEAO-DT. I'd like to see PBS HDTV programming widely available in NE Ohio.
Anyone gotten the EPG data for WBNX-DT on DiSH's EPG ?
WEWS-DT is now transmitting in DD 5.1. WBNX-DT (CW network) is up and running using DD 5.1 audio and HDTV video.
WBNX-DT is transmitting Smallville in HDTV. Looks good to me, so far no breakups and a strong steady signal in my area.
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