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Any information on the commencement of full power HDTV transmissions from WBNX or WVIZ?
Any updates on the WVIZ-DT tower issue? When will they be transmitting from their permanent antenna with full power? WBNX-DT has been given a contruction permit by the FCC. Any news when they will be transmitting HDTV?
Same here, they must be having a problem with their PSIP data. WJW-DT really is (and has been) on RF channel 31. It is our DTV receivers that map it to 8-1 using the station transmited PSIP data.
I can't see anything either though I have a good signal strength. Hopefully it comes back soon and this time with HDTV.
I lived in Jackson Twp. With a CM4228 in the attic, I was able to get all of the channels you mentioned, including the Youngstown stations, except WkYC. I would have to repoint the antenna to receive the Youngstown stations. WOIO-DT is on channel 10, which the CM4228 does pick up well, even though it is a UHF antenna.
Quote: Originally Posted by LivinSports I purchased a JVC HD-ILA 56" television. I have a HD DVR cable box from my cable company (Cox) which is connected to one of the component inputs. Now, I purchased an antenna to pick up the OTA HD signals (specifically the Wineguard SharpShooter). My question is do I take the cable from the antenna and connect it to the VHF/UHF coaxial connection or to the ATSC/Digital-In connection? Maybe on the same...
Does anyone know when WEAO/WNEO will start the HDTV transmissions again? What's been the delay?
The CM 4228 will receive channel 10 (WOIO-DT) OK but not channel 2 (WKYC-DT).
WKYC-DT is choosing either channel 17 or 32 in the 2nd round of DTV channel elections. http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showthread.php?t=591927 While we will have 2 stations on VHF, Channels 8 and 10, there will not be any in the most problematic VHF-lo band, once the DTV transition is complete. Thank goodness WKYC-DT is abandoning channel 2.
There may be two potential problems that common to mind. If multipath is the problem causing proper reception, an amp may make the multipath problem worse and cause even worse reception. If the OTA signal is strong, the amp may overload the tuner and again cause worse reception. I have had both of these problems in my OTA reception adventures. Also remember that WKYC-DT in a low frequency VHF RF channel and you need an antenna designed to receive VHF-low frequencies.
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