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I did not know about this one, thanks for the recommendation - that is why I made the post. Heck, maybe I should consider new bookshelf speakers, I love the light finish! Jon
Budget: $200-$300. Much lower expectations, requirements and $ than my home theater!
I am currently using the bass module from a set of cambridge soundworks computer speakers, not a true subwoofer. I want to upgrade to a small subwoofer, 8 or 10". My receiver is the digital Panasonic SA-XR25 and Klipsch bookshelf speakers for the mains. This is a 10x10 room (den) with wood laminate floors. The 2.1 system is only used for music. Recommendations appretiated. JCPZero
Either put the ent center on its side or: Consider using your coffee table and moving the ent center to the coffee table location.
Trying to decide to get an existing 2006 26" LCD, or wait a little longer for lower prices and the 2007 models. Between my need for excellent picture quality, and my wife's need for astetics -> sometimes finding the right TV is tough. I like the picture quality on the Panasonic, Toshiba, Samsung and Sony 2006 LCDs. Side speakers and black glossy finish not wife approved. 2007 Toshiba 26HL67 will have a glossy bezel, so that is out. I like the 2006 Panasonic...
Quote: Originally Posted by Argetni If you can afford one go for it. They tend to look better out of the box than other plasmas. They have a longer warranty (3 years). They have the bling bling factor for those in the "know". After bring disappointed so far in a Panny EDTV, Sony LCD, Panny HDTV, I am thinking about getting a Runco. Sounds like you have some high expectations. In that case spend more $$$ on the Runco or Fujitsu. JCPZero
You need to set up your cable box for HD, it is most likely set to SD. You should have directions in manuals about the box from your cableco. Also trade it in for the SA8300. I got into this setup today on my SA8300: When you turn on the power hold the guide and info buttons -> follow the on screen directions. JCPZero
Check out the panasonic 42" plasmas. I own one and would recommend the brand based on your requirements. JCPZero
I replaced my 32" CRT with a 42" panny plasma. The plasma is beautiful with good source material. Excellent in HD, great with DVDs. You can definitely see the flaws with SD. Don't regret my purchase for a second... JCPZero
I have always been impressed with the PQ and processing on the Fuji's. But, the cost was prohibative for me so I went for a panny. If you want a top tier plasma and have the money, go for the Fuji... JCPZero
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