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The war was unstoppable the moment Ned threatened Tywin from the throne and sent out Beric Dondarrion to deal with Gregor Clegane. Nothing was going to stop it at that point. In fact, if you think about all the events that happened and in what order, the "who's responsible for the war" goes all the way back to Jaime throwing Bran out the window.It's easy to call the Starks naive and overly honorable and bad players of the game, and all of that is true. But they have been...
Bates and Anthony were decent enough guys, but I'd like to not see any more professional athletes (or recent former) on this show. It gives them too much of an edge on too many of the tasks. B&A were obvious favorites on the first day, and it's no surprise that they won.
The only things I liked about Reign of Fire were the retelling of Star Wars to the kids, Christian Bale, and Gerard Butler. Though if I'm going to watch a Christian Bale movie of dubious quality, I prefer Equilibrium.
I think they also thought the lisping (so connected with Hoat in the books) would have played as unintentionally hilarious on TV. So they just gave the guy a new name, but basically the same stuff to do.
I'm pretty sure the boy... (insert blank space for the front page here) la la la ... is Ramsey Snow, not Reek. The "real" Reek may not be in the show.
No one takes Khaleesi's dragons!It is known.
Yup, both of mine too.
Hrm. I suspect shenanigans. He doesn't seem like the kind of guy you cast for an unnamed role. And Belfast seems a long way to go for a cameo, unless he happened to be there for some reason.
I did, and I think he's great for the part.I was surprised to see Torchwood's (and Revenge's) Burn Gorman in among the Night's Watch. I wasn't even sure it was him at first, but he's in the credits. I don't think we've seen him before and I don't know the name of his character.
1790 was just added this week, along with a bunch of sports-sounding channels that I didn't may any attention to. Glad everything is working now!
New Posts  All Forums: