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No one takes Khaleesi's dragons!It is known.
Yup, both of mine too.
Hrm. I suspect shenanigans. He doesn't seem like the kind of guy you cast for an unnamed role. And Belfast seems a long way to go for a cameo, unless he happened to be there for some reason.
I did, and I think he's great for the part.I was surprised to see Torchwood's (and Revenge's) Burn Gorman in among the Night's Watch. I wasn't even sure it was him at first, but he's in the credits. I don't think we've seen him before and I don't know the name of his character.
1790 was just added this week, along with a bunch of sports-sounding channels that I didn't may any attention to. Glad everything is working now!
Let us know how it goes!
On the show, he's 17 when the show starts (all the Starks were aged up to greater and lesser degrees), but I agree with you.
I think what I was trying to say was, if Robb's decision to marry Talisa was really primarily a teenager's spiteful decision to disobey his mother, that is a long way from Ned Stark's honorable-but-obviously-dangerous decision-making. IMO, we're supposed to believe that Robb's motivation was True Love, not Getting Back at Mom.
At 1:06 in the 2nd clip, the guy in the upper right, his coat is open and I think you can just sort of see a hint of it underneath on his tabard. I admit it's totally possible I'm just projecting
Yes, you need to make a phone call to another special number, different than the cable card one... let me know if they didn't give you the instruction flyer, I think I have it saved as a PDF somewhere.
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