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- I didn't watch the previous seasons, but was Skinner a new character this season?
I just watched this movie last night and was really disappointed. This is another movie that I just don't get the praise for. Performances were OK, but the plot just wasn't as interesting as the synopsis was.
The lack of a chapter skip was a deal breaker for me. Unfortunately, my son spilled water on my One and it looks like it may be a goner. I'll let it dry out for a day or so to see if it works. The short/long button press functionality can't come soon enough...
"summers span decades and winters can last a lifetime"
Sorry, I didn't read the previous posts in this thread to avoid spoilers. Is there any reason I can't jump into this new season having not seen any of the previous seasons? I saw a few previews and was intrigued. Since it implied that it was a brand new case, it seemed more like a Law and Order type of show.
- That's a good bit of advice for any TV show or movie, but especially GoT.
- The title of the episode (The Rains of Castamere) gave it away for the book readers.It also fit in with the way that the first season ended. Ned's execution was in episode 9 and episode 10 gave viewers a chance to digest the events and see the aftermath.
- Rob thought he was safe because of the laws of hospitality. Once you have partaken food or drink in someone's house, you're under their protection. It was unheard of for something like this to happen. Which is why Game of Thrones continues to be a very interesting show to watch...
- Which is probably the same reason that they didn't make Daenerys completely bald after the "birth" scene.
- My guess would be makeup or changes similar to how Tyrion's injuries were reduced.
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