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"Ryu's number 5, consists of 2 hits into special into a super combo (i saw it myself) and it is quite devastating, even though it requires some meter" - What's next for this kind of transaction? Simplifying motions? Why not just allow the person to press forward and punch to throw a Hadoken? Adding this kind of crutch doesn't help casual players at all. Why bother learning a combo or how to perform a move is you can just assign it to a hotkey?
Personally, I hate the idea of paying for unlocking data that is already on the disc, so I simply don't do it. It's Capcom's prerogative if they want to run their business model this way, but there will always be people who take exception to the idea, which is why there is controversy. IMO, this kind of DLC is even worse. So people can now simply pay to be more competitive? http://www.hadoken.net/?p=4790
- I think the main difference is that he was fighting for his life. He also had a much harder time fighting the soldiers than some of the other gladiators would have. As he said, he was considered the lowest of the brotherhood.
- She said that she had no idea that she had the map. She said she meant to shoot and wound her when she noticed she was trying to slip out during the fight when everyone else was engrossed with the fight.
- Why not? The Romans didn't have the same views on sexuality that the modern Western world does.
- To me, this is the same exact thing that happened in Season 1. It didn't really pick up until around this time. Hopefully, it's a sign of things to come for Vengeance.
- If gunfire in movies was anywhere near as loud as it really is, we'd all be deaf after the first shootout. Not to mention we'd need speakers that could go above 150dB.
- Agreed. I think that the final fight scene in Drunken Master II is the best in Asian cinema history. Not to mention that Jackie was 40 when that sequence was filmed. I wasn't a big fan of Merentau at all. The final fight from Who Am I? is a much better example of a two on one fight.
Hopefully, there will be correct weapon handling for once...
- Lucas is simply using technology that is available today to create the movies he always wished for. Lucas didn't have the technology back then to make Greedo shoot first.
New Posts  All Forums: