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- That's definitely a point to remember. Peter Baelish and Catelyn Stark have a history together, so she is more likely to trust him than anyone else on the King's council.
- There are lots of knights in Westeros who have little to no honor.
- I couldn't agree more. I have CD's that I cannot replace since they are either limited edition or promotional copies. I actually ripped my entire collection over again using EAC just to make sure everything was accurate. Losing CD's to damage or rot is no longer the concern it once was.It's hands down the best WAV to FLAC program out there and it's very easy to use.
- I didn't see Jaime as a sympathetic character until after he loses his hand and explains the events surrounding his killing of Aerys.
I was really hoping for a Jeopardy skit.
I agree with the others. Go wht the 6.0 mbps simply because you may not even get that speed depending on how far away from the switching station you are.
Can the Audyssey setup microphones be used for older receivers? I have a Denon 3806 that I cannot find the original setup microphone for. I do have the setup microphone for the Denon AVR-3808ci, AVR-1610 and AVR-1612.
- I don't know how Bran and Rickon's story either. If they all stay together instead of splitting up, how does the Manderley story fit in?
The xx12 Denon receivers are being cleared out at various retailers for the new xx13 receivers. I just purchased a AVR-1612 for $180 earlier tonight. Per AVS rules, I'm not going to post a link, but that's quite a markdown.
Arya has been shown to be pragmatic. Since her immediate concern is Harrenhal, she's focusing on the enemies and dangers that she can see. She witnessed The Tickler torture and kill prisoners. She hasn't had contact with Tywin previously and doesn't seem like a danger to her. Especially since he saved the prisoners. The first "kill" was most likely a test. We'll have to see what she does with the other two.
New Posts  All Forums: