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Hows the picture quality? Any reviews on movies quality? Need a TV down stairs i run at 720 with Dish. Living room worthy?
Hows the pixture quality?
Thanks for the help guys. I like that MS fessed up to the short falls they are encountering. Admitting to your mistakes is rarely seen in todays business world. I hope they put a halt to this playmium BS. Have any of you just stopped using the One because of these problems? I think im going to purchase one this week so I am glad to hear about the new updates are coming in a few weeks.
Looking to get my cough son a xbox one, but was was wondering the jump from 360 to One is worth the cost! I went to two BB this weekend, the Xbox One were not working. Mostly play Battlefield 4 and looking forward to Titan fall. So if you can help me out his birthday is this thursday. Thanks!
Man I haven't checked this thread in while. My 805 still going strong. Any new updates in keeping my 805 relevant? What is the next Onkyo I should step up to if i decide to up grade? Is there anything as quality as the 805? Thx.
Is that price at Costco?
Hoping to get more pic in this thread. Looking at the size ratio and wondering if it is too big for about 12 to 13 ft distance? If anyone can help me out. Thanks.
You can use the movie theater glasses.
Amazing that its a $1600 jump for 10" from the 70" to the 80". I guess i'll stick with the 70" for now. Still not sure though because BB does not have a display to view. How long are ya'll letting the panels burnin before calibrating them?
How long is everyone breaking in their Set before they review it?
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