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I have a different take on this. First, Tywin would be the last person to enter into a conspiracy of any kind with Cersei, it seems to me. Tywin of all people knows what a loose cannon Cersei is. More importantly, despite all her weaknesses, Cersei loved Joffrey with a mother's love and not only would never harm him, she would never be able even to see his psychopathy and danger to the realm.I rewatched the rape scene again yesterday. I agree that, by modern standards...
Yep, The Hound said it himself in a recent episode: "A man has to have a code." Sandor is a hard and brutal man but is certainly no psychopath. I think killing is just a job to him and nothing to take pleasure from.
I couldn't agree more. In fact the 7.5 out of 10 vote you gave The Wolf of Wall Street is exactly where I have come down on the film. After I saw it in the theater I gave it 7 Stars out of 10 but raised my vote to an 8 after seeing it again on BD.
After last week's assassination scene, I didn't seriously consider that Littlefinger might be behind Joffrey's poisoning but this week's show hinted at it pretty strongly. Still, this is Game of Thrones so who knows who done it? If there is a better intriguer than Littlefinger in Kings Landing, I don't know who it might be. I've never seen anything more coldblooded than the way Littlefinger arranged to have killed Sansa's "rescuer," the former Ser Dantos. I couldn't...
Yeah, they were very lucky that nothing very important was altered as a result of the gaffe. Still, it was embarrassing, which made it funny.
Chequered flag error knocks two laps off Chinese GP Oops!
That shouldn't be enough, it seems to me, but I'm not a wannabe king.
Thanks! That helped a lot.
Couldn't agree more! I have watched Nurse Jackie from the beginning and have loved every minute of it. It is good news indeed that the show has been renewed for another season.
I liked this week's episode better than I had been liking the show recently. Horik seems like the legendary scorpion who killed a frog who was giving him a ride across a river, although it caused his death too. Horik's treachery struck me as suicidal. Is Ragnar's supposedly crippled newborn son based on a historical character? From earlier posts, I inferred that he is but my knowledge of Viking history could not make a thimble overflow. Finally, I still can't figure...
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