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My disappointment with the TV iteration of Fargo was with the writing, which I thought was clumsy, gratuitously violent, and a waste of a great cast. Nevertheless, I thought changing the story from the movie in a number of ways was a good choice. As noted in my earlier post, I really liked Martin Freeman, as Lester Nygaard, and Billy Bob Thornton, as the lethal Lorne Malvo. They did the best they could with what they were given. For those reasons I am going to stick...
Watched Episode 1 tonight and was disappointed. I thought the performances of the show's cast were mostly wonderful but the writing, epic fail. Some of the supposedly humorous stuff was too over the top to have been used the writers of a sitcom that has a laugh track. On top of that, the show's darkness was just plain ugliness it seemed to me. Clearly, the writer of this mess wanted us to think of Anton Chigurh when we watched Lorne Malvo (Billy Bob Thornton). ...
Roger seems never to learn anything. The squalor of his place, surrounded by much younger naked women, demonstrated just how far down the tube his drug and alcohol abuse have led him. I shook my head when, after his daughter called him on the horribly shabby way he had treated his family, he retreated into deep denial and said, "I don't agree." The guy has a classic case of Peter Pan syndrome, he is a boy who will never grow up. As charming and funny as Roger is,...
Same here! I didn't realize that there was a new Daario until my daughter called the change to my attention. Given the show's huge cast, it's hard to identify the players without a scorecard.
As you know, the rules are very different in the No Spoilers thread. Fortunately, yesterday the moderator over there posted a detailed explanation of what is allowable and what is not. I was really glad that he did it because much of the stuff that is prohibited in that thread is perfectly all right anywhere else. At least those who post over there now have a clearcut guide that describes just what will be allowed, which is a big improvement.
Thanks, that was a very interesting look at Luhrmann's taste and style, both of which I love. But he is different, boy, is he ever different.
I agree that Tywin is a skilled player of The Game. His ability to use direction or outright intimidation, depending on the circumstances, has been remarkable. Jerking Joffrey's chain at Joffrey's own wedding, just wasn't in the cards, despite how appropriate doing so would have been. Anyway, somebody found a way to apply a far more permanent corrective to Joffrey's madness, than a mere public scolding could have done.
Wabo -- Please do watch it. I will be surprised if you don't like it. However, see my word of warning to Franin in my last post.
Watch the film with an open mind. As you know, Luhrmann marches to a different drummer, to say the least. So watch his film with an open mind and enjoy both Luhrmann's highly original and beautiful filmmaking, and Fitzgerald's wonderful story and dialog. They are not antithetical, it seems to me.
I agree. Once I learned that Red Bull had been repeatedly warned during the course of the race but chose to ignore the stewards, it seemed to me that the FIA had to make Red Bull pay. This was a worthwhile object lesson, not only for Red Bull, but for the rest of F1 as well. Play by the rules or Daddy is going to send you to bed without dinner.
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