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I understand why not having any external light into the room is important using a projector, but what about dark walls, is that really that important? Let me present what I am thinking: The eye has a good but not unlimited dynamic range, "external light" is most damaging when what is on the screen is dark, however with a dark screen, a lot less light will be reflected from the walls too? And if there is bright objects on the screen, those bright items will "Overwhelm"...
Thanks, i will definitely check out the thread about top projectors.
Thanks for the tip, I will see what i can do with the screen then. Although a 4k-screen with acoustical transparency and tab-tension is pretty expensive. I must admit it feels a bit wrong to spend so much on the screen, it might cost more than the projector. And although the room is light-controlled, it does not have dark walls. Might a good screen be a bit overkill?
I guess the topic explains it, I am getting a new porjector, but should I wait for 4k, will it come at a reasonable price any time soon, or will that be years in the future? How about the screen, should i get one that is more "4k-compatible", I want to get one that is acoustically transparent, and I guess most of them are weaved, so the size of the weave will probably be of importance?
I got the new AVR 3700 yesterday (the european version of the AVR 370), I want to control the thing through ethernet if possible, and rs232 if i must. However the manual is very very sparse on details (both the paper one following the product and the one I found online), so I have two questions. 1. Is the RS232 commands documented any place? 2. Do the receiver also take commands through ethernet, or do i have to use the old rs232.
I would say RC works better the better your room is, "gross flaws" can not be fixed any good way with RC, but if your room is well treated, any responce-issues is fixed in a good way.
So does the EZset1 correct the two sub-channels independently?
Its quite a while ago that Ezset2 was sent to the market, shouldn't they have done this by know if they only need time? Could it be the tech has been imporved in the new 3700, but tey kept the old name?
What makes you say they haven't already?And the 3700 is 7.2, will the room correction correct the 2 sub channels independent of each other?
3D is pretty easy to implement in a TV, at least non-passive, that most sets has it says very little IMHO, most sets does have the capability of analogue input of video too, but HDMI has "won" nevertheless. 3D just doesn't work very well imho, it looks very faske, but thats just one guys opinion, what about some solid facts, how does 3D sell on cinemas compared to 2D, and what are the trends? Buying a 3D bluray usually gets you the 2D as well, if people where even slightly...
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