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I have a room for which i need a screen, I use in-wall speakers, and the screen will be in front of the speakers, so it needs to be acoustically transparent. - The screen will be around 100 inch. - The room will have the opportunity to block most sunlight - However the wall are white (although maybe not the most reflecting white) - It will probably be used with a new epson that has about 2000 lumen output (1080P) - It will be electrical (preferably tab-tensioned) Any...
I got some feedback on the Audioctronl, which unfortantly was pretty expensive even without ethernet. I also checked the other options suggested in the thread. HTD seem to be much cheaper than the alternatives for similar products. Are they an OK brand? Or is there something "wrong" with them? If not they certainly seem like the best alternative from price standpoint.
Thanks for the tip on the Audiocontrol, looks very nice! I haven't seen any prices anywhere though. Do you have a rough estimate of the price of the 861 (or eventuall D3200, which looks nice, but probably is expensive)
Hmm, maybe I use the term "amplifier" wrong, but most "normal" stereo amplifiers have buttons, don't they? At least a volume knob? Anyway, if none of the multizone alternatives have any volume control i can use from the PC, which "normal" multizone amplifiers/brands are usually recommended?
To try to be somewhat concrete. What multizone amplifiers where the volume of the amplifier can be controlled via a computer (without having to have the whole system from than manufacturer), actually exists.
My setup in my other room is a digital out from the computer and controlling the amplifier volume from the computer. I find that to be working well, however it seems like most multizone-amps use analog input (and most multi-out soundcards too). I normally prefer too control the volume one the amplifer, but if there are few (and/or very expensive) otpions that allows this I might reconsider.
Hmm, I don't really have a budget other than "no more expensive than necessary" But lets say a guideline of 200 dollars per zone, and 5-6 zones (2*6 channels) (1000-1200 dollars then) if that is a feasible price.
I have a nice setup for controlling the volume one the PC itself. But i would also like to be able to control the volume set on the amplifier itself.(via for instance a PC). Do the multizone-amps usually have an IR-remote, så i can just set an IR-blaster by the multizone amplifier?
I have no amplifier at all, I'm just doing research concering which to buy. Controlling the volume out from the PC is no problem, but what about the volume-settings on the amplifier itself?
I am looking for a Multiroom-setup via an mult-channel amplifier. I use the program J. River media Center for my music an a home automation protocol for the rest of the stuff in the house (KNX), i can use the output from a multichannel sound-card to feed the amplifier, but how do i control the volume on the amplifier itself? (via the computer) Some of them seem to have a "bus input", but what bus is it? Some proprietary protocol? Can i control the volume on the amp with...
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