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I have problems outputting sound over HDMI while having dual-screens. Therefore i am considering using spdif. But can i get surround in general, especially in games? Is there some kind of program that takes all computer-sounds and encodes it to AC3 in realtime or similar? Only having 5.1 for movies is a bit of a blow. AtW
Quote: Originally Posted by Tulli See if it works now ... Thanks a lot for the help, unfortunately the new info did little good. Still no picture or sound, and I can't choose 1600*1200 resolution anymore.
Quote: Originally Posted by Tulli Ah! yes, sorry. So, if you haven't done it yet, you could just add the extension block of the Denon ("HKR,EDID_OVERRIDE,"1", ... line in the .inf file) right just after the base block line of the monitor EDID and use that for the EDID override. Thanks a lot for your help, I have been busy lately, so i havent tried this before now. Oddly enough, now neither picture or sound works. The AMD sound device says not...
I don't need bitstreaming, I only need LPCM. AtW
Are you sure there is no way around it? As i mentioned, Now i have gotten 60 Hz 1600*1200 Picture through the denon-reciever (although somewhat unstable). HDMI should suppurt any resolution and the receiver should support passing the video-data through unsupported. AtW
Well, I am now one step closer, after i truly bizarre incident (at least for me). I suddenly got picture on my monitor. And what triggered this event? Unplugging my headphone from my usb-soundcard. However everything is still not quite good, now i get no sound, and the receiver seems to do some weird stuff with irregular intervals, which changes the resolution of the monitor (so its out of bounds), or disables it. Any tips?
Hmm, i desided to see if a EDID-override would help withmy problem (no picture when watching through AVR). I have gottren the inf-files, but windows refuses to let me install det driver? It says the best driver is already installed.
I have two monitors. The other dvi is already occupied by the second monitor. AtW
I cant bitstream anyway, the 4750 only supports LPCM. And to get to connections i would have to get a third party-splitter too? AtW
I am 100% positive it worked before on the same AVR. (Denon 1910), and same setup. Although maybe on a different OS and certainly with older drivers. I have two 1910, and i checked if it worked before buying the second. The fact that i worked before makes the problem extra annoying Hdmi (and the receiver for that matter), should be able to transmit the digital video-data unaltered to dvi, shouldn't it? AtW
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