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I'm having the same issue as meatheadmike. and i've disabled UAC as suggested. but i still no luck. i wonder, Skispcs, if Ultimate Media Center has different capabilities than home premium that allow firestb to integrate well for you in MCE vista? i'm not actually clear where to find the settings in MCE, because "set up tv" alone doesn't work.
bfdtv, as far as i know i am properly grounded. just to make sure i plugged the box directly into the wall socket, and even extended it out to different sockets in my room. i still see the same issue. my house was built two years ago, so unless the electrical wire is screwed up from the time it was built, this isn't the issue. moreover, i have had no other grounding issues with any of my media devices.
Unfortunately, my model of Sony Wega doesn't have a built in HD tuner. I have however plugged in the cable directly to test basic cable for non-HD broadcast, and I do not see the issue.
So, I borrowed my friend's DCT6412 III cable box, and unfortunatly, I'm still seeing the same issue. I hope Comcast will be willing to help us resolve this issue.
Yeah, I plan to try her dct6414 III out sometime this week, when I get a chance to borrow it for an hour or two. I will post my own results when I get a chance to do so. Now that I read that you are seeing this with the DCT6412 III, i'm not holding high hopes that it will solve my problem, but still worth a try. I did not mention this before, but I have another hdmi device (information of which can not be disclosed unfortunately), which does not exhibit these band...
AVKIK, what kind of DVR brand/model do you have? I took my Comcast motorola dct3416 back to the comcast service center and swapped the box for another of the same model, and i'm still having the same problem. I was at my friends house the other night, and I noticed that her HD + DVR comcast/motorola box was dct3416 III. I'm wondering if getting this assumingly later model will help resolve my issue.
I just got my Comcast HD + DVR, and i am noticing very subtle vertical bands moving from right to left. It appears to be worst on some channels more than others. It is especially noticable on my "On Demand" selections. It's seems as though the refresh rate is just a bit off on my cable box. - This is the case with hdmi or component cables. - If I change from 1080i output to 720p, it appears to be slighty less notiable. - This is the only HD device that I have...
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