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Once I don't have to wear 3D glasses I will consider it. Until then, forget it. I just got Lasik surgery and I am not wearing glasses to watch TV.
I bought a LN52A550 from Ciruit City and it did the same thing after 3 hours. I could hear it turn on and the middle light come on, but no picture. I exchanged it the next day and no problems since. We did notice that the exchanged model we got was packaged better and the promotional sticker on the left side was on it. The first did not have the sticker. We think they gave us a returned model. When in doubt, make sure when you buy something new, it has a sticker!
By using the service manual I solved my own problem. Took a while but I had to realign the green and the rest of the convergence. If any oe ever has this problem let me know and I can give you a copy of the service manual.
My Pioneer last night start showing the green lines being bent or curved or bowing, however you want to put it. I have the service manual, is this something I can correct my self with settings or is it a hardware issue?
When are these going to be released?
Everyone has already tried that it does not work.
Has anyone contacted D* about it?
Has there been a resolution to this problem?
Any update on this?
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